How To Tell If They’re Your True Twin Flame or A False Twin Flame

This can be a confusing topic, but if you’re confused if he or she is your true twin flame or a false twin flame, continue reading.

I have had heard of and seen several people falsely recognize someone as their twin flame. This is never a great situation but here are some signs to let you identify if you’re dealing with your true twin flame or a false twin flame. The more of these signs that you recognize, the more likely they are your true twin. 

1. You Share A Psychic Connection

A True Twin Flame couple will share some forms of psychic connection, especially as their relationship gets stronger. This can include sharing dreams, telepathic communication, a sense of knowing when something is happening to the other. 

A twin flame couple that I know is a great example of this. The divine masculine aspect had gotten held up in a car robbery while he was driving on the highway. She had this immediate knowing as she was teaching a yoga class that he had gotten in this situation. 

2. Your Twin Flame Is A True Mirror

Because a Twin Flame is your mirror soul, your literal other half, this is reflected when you send energy toward them. We live in an energetic universe, so whenever you are thinking thoughts of them, you are indirectly sending energy. 

When you think about your Twin Flame, the energy should reflect back to you perfectly. What does this mean? If you hate them or resent them for something, you will be thinking about it. Suddenly, you realize- you’re hating a part of yourself. What they did that bothered you so much? You only hate it because you do the exact same thing but don’t want to recognize it in yourself. 

This kind of dynamic is exactly what helps you grow as a person. Your Twin Flame relationship can only be expansive and teaching. No matter what you are doing or where either of you are, the relationship will never fail to mirror you to help you expand as a soul. 

3. The Love Shatters Your Egos 

This goes along with the mirroring of the soul. When you exchange energy with your Twin Soul, it helps you expand and grow as a person. The relationship is created to shatter your conditioning. The more you love them, the more you grow and the more you become the embodiment of your Higher Self.

This can feel scary but expansive. This is how you know you’re following your heart. When you are following your heart, you will come up against all kinds of fears and blocks. This is because you will be directly taking down the conditional walls of your mind, and living from the space of your pure purpose and embodiment of light. This feeling of fear should be accompanied by an intense feeling of freedom and expansion and purpose. 

The love between Twin Souls will feel this way so if it’s scary but rewarding, nothing is going wrong. 

4. When You Love Your Twin the Love Reflects And Grows. 

When you love your twin flame, the love is abundant and gives you love as well. You aren’t filling up their cup by emptying your own. You are literally filling up both of your cups. This is a true and pure reflection of the absolute and abundant love of the universe. The truth of this Universe is that everything contains infinite love within it. 

The Twin Flame dynamic is a reflection of this aspect of Source. No matter what you’re doing or what they’re doing, you are somehow always able to forgive them and understand why they’ve done the things they’ve done. When you love them, the love feels expansive. By loving them, you truly feel like you are loving yourself and everything else. The love is energizing and giving. Just by giving it, you are receiving. 

If you have experienced this feeling, you will know it based on the description. This is pure unconditional love. In some twin flame relationships, this may not occur until enough egoic blocks are removed. This may take some time, but you will know it when you reach this stage. Your twin flame does not have to be with you physically in order for you to feel it either, the love is always available to you. 

5. The Connection Grows Stronger with Distance and Time 

This is the last hallmark of the Twin Flame relationship. This usually happens during the Runner/Chaser stage of the Twin Flame relationship. You may be separated for a time of months, or maybe even years. Yet you find that instead of getting over them, like you have in every other relationship, you actually love them more. Note: this isn’t a “I miss you” feeling. It is the unconditional love and understanding.

You may be going through your day and suddenly something reminds you of them. Instead of this feeling of intense lack, need, or desire, it’s a feeling of expansive love. It’s a moment of understanding “Oh, I know why they said this or did that now”. It is forgiveness. Your love and understanding grow without the intense feeling of lack. Sometimes, it feels like they’re with you energetically when you’re going through your day. 


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