Positive Focus for Law of Attraction: Focused Visualization

A common saying from Abraham Hick’s Ask and It is Given is that it only takes 17 seconds of focused visualization to create a thought form big enough to start energetically attracting what you desire. How does this work?

Thoughts become like magnetic fields 

In this universe, thoughts are things. Thoughts may be very “weak” things relative to other things, but thoughts are some basic building blocks of energy, like legos. The more legos you can stack, the more powerful your thought structure becomes.

When you have a structure of thoughts, it is like a magnet that attracts other thoughts of the same frequency. The bigger your structure is, the more of those thoughts of that frequency you will attract. 

Creating a big thought field

Creating a big thought field involves focused visualization. The more of the same thoughts of the same frequency you hold (like how good it will feel to get that promotion), the bigger the field of power that it can hold. This can be done through many methods, but a powerful and quick way that requires nothing else but your mind is visualization.


Visualization can be done at anywhere or anytime, but it is best to do it when you are not going to be easily distracted. Sit down, and start with a relaxation meditation. When you have slowed your thoughts down, you can start thinking about what you would like to manifest.

The thoughts build up like a snowball. Keep picturing thoughts of the same frequency. For example- if you would like the promotion:

It would feel really amazing to get this promotion. 
My friends and family would be so proud of me. 
I am picturing the celebration I would have with my coworkers. 

Do this for as long as you can think of positive thoughts for whatever it is you desire. You may begin to see results in no time.

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