Runner/Chaser Twin Flame Stage: The Fastest Way to Get Through


The Twin Flame Dynamic can be so intense, that sometimes you wonder if it’s a curse. This is especially true during the Runner/Chaser stage of a Twin Flame relationship when it leaves you wondering if you have lost your marbles and if you are insane.

Maybe you’ve been in this stage for years. All your friends have moved on and you’re still here stuck with this intense love that has not faded since the day you last saw your Twin Soul. You really, really start to question if you’ve lost your goddamn mind. Don’t worry. I have been in your shoes and I’m here to help and to tell you that there’s hope. 

You Are A Mirror

Not only for the relationship, but the Universe is one giant mirror. Whether you are the Runner or you are the Chaser, you are mirroring the same energy- running away from yourself.

The Runner in the relationship is trying to run away from the intense feelings that the Chaser is bringing up. They are unable to deal with the intensity of the relationship because by doing so, it would mean that they would have to face their own shadows. And that’s scary. There are some dark, dark things hidden in the shadows, and the Runner believes that by running away, they don’t exist. 

The Chaser is also running away from their shadows. These shadows usually have to do with abandonment, where the Runner’s may have to do with enmeshment. Either way, the Chaser is chasing the good feeling of being with their Twin to escape from the fact that they have a lot of inner work to do. 

The Dark Night of the Soul

This stage of the dynamic triggers the Dark Night of the Soul for both Twins and the subsequent awakening process. The Dark Night of the Soul is the stage in which you realize that the inner reality and the external world no longer match. You start realizing that maybe, you aren’t just your thoughts and even feelings. Maybe you aren’t all the things you believed yourself to be. 

This is the time the soul comes home. All of the egoic walls and the conditioning starts coming down. Years of old patterns start falling away. As this happens, the light of your soul starts shining through. 


During the Twin Flame Journey, the process of going through the Dark Night of the Soul and the Spiritual Awakening are inevitable. Many people can go back into their old lives, but if you chose to live a Twin Flame relationship, you chose this form of Spiritual Awakening.

The more you delay, the more you run or you chase, the harder this will be. You’re riding an angry bull when you don’t honor your soul, and the harder you resist, the harder you fall down. 

Stop resisting. Stop running if you’re running and stop chasing if you’re chasing. This doesn’t mean to contact your Twin if you’re running. But you may want to stop trying to contact your Twin if you’re chasing for this period of self healing. 

The Journey Inside

This stage requires you to completely surrender to the internal spiritual journey. You must release all of the egoic conditioning that is blocking your true Higher Self from shining outward. This requires you to be completely honest with yourself and to notice the patterns of when your feelings and your thoughts are in conflict. 

Shadow Work

This blog contains some shadow work exercises and articles on shadow work 

A Twin Flame shadow work exercise will be coming soon. 

Positive Focus

Gratitude Exercise
For this exercise, you will write down a list of things you appreciate about your Twin. Since they mirror you, when you give them gratitude, you are giving yourself gratitude. 

Write down a list of 10 things you truly feel that you appreciate about them. 


When you have done shadow work and positive focus, you must then let it all go to the Universe. The is both the hardest and the easiest part. If you do all the work and then release, this is the fastest way to progress your Twin Soul Dynamic. Know that the more work you are doing on yourself, the more that you are helping your Twin Soul. 

To Release, you must focus on whatever positive or negative aspect you feel about your Twin. You must then let yourself feel it fully. Sit with the feeling, whatever it is. When you do this, the feeling automatically starts shifting energetically. You can feel it vibrating or pulsing within your body for a little while. It will start to dissipate and then the energy is released. 

Surrender and trust the Universe. The Universe has your back and your best intentions in mind. Things may not always go the way your mind planned, but this is an opportunity to grow and to experience true fulfillment in your life. 

The fastest way forward is through release. Stop holding on to what’s holding you back. Take the time to work on your internal self. Take the time to look at your shadows and take the time to send love and gratitude. Then- release it. 

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