Shadow Work for Law of Attraction: Surrender to Release Resistance

How does the subconscious store memories?

Our subconscious works by storing different experiences as pictures in file folders that are based on the tonal memories. This means that we have a huge folder for sadness, rage, happiness, frustration, peace, shame, guilt, etc. We have huge file folders that store memories as charged pictures for every emotion we can think of. 

When an external event happens in our lives, these file folders of memories get triggered. This means that if you become ashamed because your boss scolds you for missing your report deadline, this event basically opens up the file folder of shame and every associated, charged picture comes up. 

Why Surrender?

When we surrender, we are depolarizing the charge on each picture. In the universe, everything is truly neutral. The meaning we assign to things causes us to charge them up. When we are facing resistance to manifestation, we are usually coming up against these charged pictures. When we release the deep meanings, the deep electrical current we have, it’s like we are tearing down a piece of the brick wall that is preventing us from having what we want. 

If I surrender, won’t I lose desire?

Yes. You will. However, desire is something that puts energetic distance between you and your goal. You won’t enjoy what you have any less, you will enjoy it more. Desire is thirst, or tana. It is the awareness of the lack of what you want, awareness of the distance between you and what you want. When you discharge this, you will find that it is much easier to achieve anything you want in your life without that desperate fear. Without the what if I don’t get it feeling. 

When you surrender, something magical happens. People are afraid sometimes that if they feel their negative feelings, the negative feelings will manifest more of themselves. This is simply not true. When you give your feelings conscious presence, they simply move up in vibration. If you have negative feelings with regards to what you’re trying to manifest, pretending it’s not there won’t make it go away. It will simply move out of your awareness but still exist. 

The process of surrender

Hold your goal in mind.

Are there any feelings that come up that you perceive as negative in relation to this goal?

Fear, anger, guilt, shame, doubt etc. 

What is it you are feeling?

Can you let yourself feel that feeling?

Repeat this with any other negative feelings until you feel neutral or positive regarding your manifestation.

Simply be with your feeling. Feel it in its entirety. Feel it until you feel neutral or better. Your emotions may cause you to have physical symptoms like tingling or tightness in your body. Some feelings may go deeper until they run out. Either way, you are discharging the energy attached.  

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