Shadow Work For Twin Flame Reunion- Stuck In Runner/Chaser Dynamic

If you’re stuck in the runner/chaser dynamic of a twin flame journey, and you’ve tried everything, chances are you need to look inside. The truth of the runner/chaser stage is that it is meant to be a time of internal spiritual growth and the breaking down of old egoic patterning. The faster you are able to do this internal work, the faster you will move on to the next stage.

Why Shadow Work For Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Stage
Shadow work is one of the quickest ways to progress through this part of your journey because it is one of the quickest ways to make internal growth. Shadow work involves acknowledging that there are parts of you that may feel sad, insecure, angry, jealous, worthless, guilty, prideful, etc.It means acknowledging all the buried and unresolved emotions that we’ve tried to push under the rug years ago when we did not have the capacity to deal with our emotions.

The human shadow tends to accumulate over time. Picture it as a wall of legos. Each part of us that we accumulate unknowingly adds to that wall. That wall is our only block against the unconditional and abundant love within the universe.

Shadow work breaks down the walls. When we acknowledge our walls and surrender to them, they start to tear down.


Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Stage and the Ego
The ego can be thought of as these unconscious walls and anything we identify with. The point of the runner/chaser stage of the twin flame journey is to tear down these walls in order to let the unconditional love flow through without the wall damming it.

Doing shadow work for this stage in the twin flame journey requires you to look at all the ways that you’ve been blocking yourself from love. Maybe there’s a sense of self invalidation or fear. Maybe there was some trauma from your childhood. Either way, the faster you tear down these walls, the faster you can reunite.

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