Spell To Get Your Ex Back Using Law of Attraction and Candle Magick

This is a quick love spell to connect with your ex using the law of attraction and a candle. You will invoke the help of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. 

What you will need

-Ink Pen
-Red Candle

Step One
Cleanse your space. You can do this any number of ways, like smudging with sage or using black salt. Be sure to cleanse any negative or foreign energies from your space before performing energy work. 

Step Two
Cleanse your consciousness. Meditate to calm your mind, body, and feelings. 

Step Three
Prepare a sigil of aphrodite. This can be done very easily. Google an image of the sigil and base your drawing off of it. It is important to draw the sigil yourself because you want to consciously think and feel your intention: I’d like to have contact with ___ or I’d like to reconnect with ___

Step Four
Light your red candle. As you light the candle, chant the invocation: 

Goddess Aphrodite
I call upon you for assistance 
I offer to share with you the divine love
Between ____ and I 
Please help us reconnect in this physical realm 
In divine oneness 

This is a simple but very powerful invocation because you are offering to share with the goddess your energy of love. You are asking her to help you to connect in divine oneness which is the highest state of being for all that is. Make sure that you are truly feeling it with your energies, not just thinking it. 

Step Five
Burn the sigil in the red candle to seal the intention. 
Send gratitude, love, and thanks to the goddess and your loved one. 

Now you can sit back and relax. You have done the work necessary. If you are plagued with negative thoughts on this person throughout your day, these energies will cancel out with the spell you have just cast.

If you are focusing negatively, or feeling negatively after casting this spell, I highly recommend doing some shadow work to clear the resistance. 

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