Shadow Work Series: Spiritual Dark Night of the Soul

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

The Dark Night of the Soul is a term for a process during spiritual awakening. The sudden realization that maybe we aren’t everything we have been identified with in the past can be a shocking revelation. We discover that we are living out ‘programs’ that may have been conditioned into us by society, family, and community. We may discover that who we truly are, is not reflected by the external anymore. 

This profound realization can cause us to feel isolated and confused. We wonder what we have been doing and why the external reality around us is no longer as fulfilling as it was once before. 

Relationship between you and your higher self

The dark night of the soul is a blessing in disguise. It is a liberating process once you realize that you are not your thoughts. When we meditate, in moments of silence, we may remember who we really are- the love that is present within all of the Universe. 

You have a higher self, a you that is pure love and potential. This you is free of guilt, doubt, worry, and shame and holds the answers to the purpose and why you chose to come here and live this life. 

The disconnect between your higher self and your current self is causing you great pain. You can no longer pretend to yourself that some of the current patterns of your life are working for you. This is a time to examine what is fulfilling to you and what is holding you back. 


Loneliness is a common symptom of the dark night of the soul. You may find that relationships, jobs, circumstances all fall away. Do not be alarmed. You are making space for more fulfilling relationships, jobs, and circumstances that align with your soul purpose. 

Steps to Take


The best thing to do is to trust that you are in the hands of the Universe. Trust in yourself and surrender. Be honest with your feelings and notice any areas in your life in which your thoughts and your feelings don’t align. 

Healing Work 

You may find yourself doing reiki healing work, meditating, practicing yoga, or doing spiritual work. This is a great time to cultivate your spiritual practice. In addition, you may find the appeal of shadow work- exploring the depths of your unconscious for any answers that don’t readily appear


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