When Law of Attraction Isn’t Working- How Does Consciousness Work?

You’ve probably read The Secret.  Maybe you’ve tried writing 500 affirmations down. You’re being positive, but maybe you aren’t feeling this way. Maybe you’re beating yourself up because you don’t feel like you can be positive all the time, even though you know that having positive vibes will help you manifest. But why is this?

For a man named Carl Jung, the answer was clear. Carl Jung was a famous Swiss psychoanalyst who pioneered several theories on the conscious and subconscious mind, and dream states. The reason why the law of attraction isn’t working for most people is simple. You are not what you are aware of. 

You are not just the thoughts you are aware of. 

The Structure of the Mind

The mind can be divided into two parts, the conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind accounts for roughly 90% of the whole of your consciousness in an unawakened person. The conscious mind accounts for 10%.

Conscious Mind

This is your everyday mind. These are the thoughts that you think on a daily basis, who you think you are as a person. This is your socially accepted identity, the story that you tell yourself about who you are everyday.

Subconscious Mind

This is the shadow side of the mind, and it makes up the majority of your consciousness. You may have heard of the subconscious before in positive focus law of attraction groups. The subconscious mind is not easily toyed with as some gurus would have you believe. It is the storehouse of the suppressed, repressed, and collective unconscious memories. 


Suppressed memories are like the light version of the shadow. When something unpleasant or negative happens to you, when you do something you deem as unacceptable, what do you think happens? Does it just disappear? No. Unless you are consciously present and feeling through your pain, the memories simply go into the subconscious, where they are suppressed by the mind so that it can continue to keep its conscious identity- to continue to tell the story that it tells itself. Suppressed memories may include guilt, embarrassment, and shame. 


If suppressed memories are subconscious lite, repressed are the deep, and heavy stuff. These exist in every single human being and it is the stuff that we think is so dark, so unacceptable, that we can’t even deal with it ourselves. We push it down so far into the depths of the shadow, for most people they are never able to deal with repressed traits. These things include urges to harm others, sexual fetishes, extreme shame and self hatred, and trauma/abuse.

Collective Unconscious

Within us all is the storehouse of information of the human experience. This is the collective and shared storehouse of archetypal stories that all of our ancestors have collected over the years of being human. This includes societal expectations, fears, and wants.

How This All Relates
Like in physics force vectors, when you are trying to manifest something, your consciousness and subconscious parts of your mind must be pointing in the same direction, like force vectors with arrows toward the same side. If you’re experiencing a lot of resistance, chances are that your subconscious mind doesn’t agree with what you’re trying to do. It may seem frustrating, but it has it’s reasons to. 

How to Check Your Subconscious Mind


Being honest with your emotions.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, your emotions will tell you what is going on. Emotions always tell you YOUR subjective truth regarding a subject. They will always be YOUR relative guide to where you stand on a subject. 

Maybe consciously you really want to lose weight. But when you go on a diet or try to exercise, it triggers this intense emotional signature. This isn’t a sign to ignore it and push onwards stubbornly with willpower. This is a sign to look into your subconscious mind for it’s reasons why it thinks losing weight is a bad idea. Only when you resolve this, will the resistance to getting what you consciously want fall away. 


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