Written Shadow Work Exercise to Release Resistance to Weight Loss Law of Attraction

This is a written shadow work exercise that will allow you to dive into your resistance, or blocks that are getting in the way of your weight loss. Doing this exercise requires you to be completely honest with your emotions. Your emotions may not always indicate absolute truth with regards to a subject, but they will always indicate your relative truth in regards to something.

Your emotions always indicate your truth, whether your mind agrees to it or not. 

The more honest you are with yourself, the better. 

I’m going to give you several written prompts to reflect on. Feel free to write down what you think and feel, or simply meditate upon them. 

I will also give you examples of what I wrote down for each of these. Admitting to yourself the blocks you feel puts you back in a place of power relative to them. When you clear out blocks, you will find it easier to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise. 

My Body
How do I feel when I look in the mirror?
Despair- I’ll never look like
 ___ instagram model. I feel very fat. I feel very large and I feel very unattractive. 
Hopelessness- no matter what I do, I look the same
Frustration- diet and exercise don’t work. 

How does this image of this body make me feel?
Despair- I’ll never look like that
Jealousy- I’ll never look like that. I’m so jealous of her body

Changing Food Habits
How Do I feel when I think about my eating habits?
Guilt- I’ll be fat because I eat too much
Shame-Even if I eat too little I feel like I eat too much because I have to eat and just by eating I feel like I’ve already failed

Going to the Gym
Picture yourself waking up and heading to the gym. How does this make you feel?
I’m too fat and unworthy of exercise
It’s only for the Instagram girls with cute leggings
What if I gain muscle and get fatter

Does exercise feel good?
But it’s futile
A waste of time
I know I’m going to fail why try
I’m never going to have a body proud of

Positive Aspects of Weight
Is there any reason I am holding on to/subconsciously choosing to keep this weight?
Secretly pleased with the weight
I feel safe protected and loved 
I feel secure 
I’m scared of it
As soon as I put it in my mouth I’ll be fat


These are all resistances/energetic blocks to your ideal weight. 

You need to sit with each one of these feelings. When you give the feelings presence, you put yourself back into a place of power. You start the process of healing your energy body. 

  1. Identify the feeling
  2. Acknowledge that they are in your space
  3. Let yourself sit with the emotion/energy, how does it feel?
  4. Now that you’ve sat with your emotion, can you feel it shifting in your body?
  5. Can you allow it to release from your space if it is ready?
  6. Repeat this for everything you’ve written down on the list. 

For example

  1. Can I allow myself to admit that I feel despair relative to my weight?Yes
  2. What does it feel/look/sound like in my body or energy field? Any sensations?
  3. Can I allow these to be here in my body?
  4. Can I let these feelings out of my space if they are ready?

Repeat for each feeling until you feel neutral or higher in regards to the subject



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